Date:  Friday July 27, 2018. Time: 12:00 – 13:00.

Location: London Suite 2/3 (Level 0), ExCeL London Exhibition Center, London, UK

Attendees: List of attendees is given separetely.


General assembly is opened at 12:00 by NOF president Ilze Akota.


  1. Election of Chairperson, Secretary and Tellers

President Ilze Akota opened the meeting and welcomed everybody. Ilze Akota was elected to chair the assembly and Ulvi Gürsoy to take the minutes. Ted Lundgren and Rachael Sugars  were voted as tellers.

  1. Approval of the General Assembly being duly notified and of the agenda

Agenda was sent to NOF members a month before the General Assembly. Agenda was accepted.


  1. Annual report of the Board of the Association

NOF President Ilze Akota read the President’s report . Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen has continued her tasks as NOF’s Secretary General till the end of 2017. President expressed her gratitude to former NOF Secretary General, Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen, who has been helpful and supportive regarding advises for both President and present Secretary General. For vacant position as Secretary General (from 2018) applications from three qualified candidates were received. After having read the applications, Ulvi K. Gursoy from University of Turku, Finland was approved for the position by NOF board.

There were two proposals from NOF to organize symposia for the program at the 2018 IADR/PER General Session & Exhibition in London entitled as follows: “Peri-implantitis: Understanding the biology on the way to its treatment” (organizer/chair Ulvi Gursoy / Eija Könönen) and “Medication-induced Xerostomia–An Increasing Problem?” (organizer /chair Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen). Surprisingly but only one about xerostomia was accepted.

This year 15 young researchers participated in the traditional NOF-Hatton award competition. This year’s Hatton award committee formed of Professor Gunhild Strand, Professor Mare Saag, Assoc. Prof. Ûlle Voog-Oras, and Prof. Peter Holbrook.  Kjersti Sturød (University of Oslo, Norway) and Samih Mohamed Ahmed (University of Bergen, Norway) won the NOF Hatton Award competition. These two successful winners will compete in the 2019 Unilever Hatton award, which will be organized during the 97th General Session of the IADR, from June 19-22, 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their travel and accommodation costs will be covered by IADR.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25th of this year. NOF board decided to use that of the IADR and statement for NOF Privacy Policy was defined and implemented to our webpage as follows: IADR/NOF confirms that the information collected during manuscript submissions to EJOS is handled according to IADR Privacy policy and IADR’s GDPR Preparation Statement (

For a long time Jukka Meurman has been the NOF representative at the PER-IADR Management Committee. However, Jukka is leaving his positions in this year. In this spring PER was asking for a new NOF representative at the PER-IADR Management Committee. NOF board supported Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen as NOF representative at the PER-IADR Management Committee.

NOF has been informed that PER-IADR could hold its 2023 meeting in the NOF area.  Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Riga were proposed as meeting places by NOF board members after e mail discussion. Proposals from all 3 cities were sent to PER-IADR before prior to the meeting in London. A decision from PER will be waited.


  1. Report of the Councillors

Ilze Akota read the councilor’s report. Report is approved.


  1. Accounts

Accounts of the association is presented by the treasurer Nina Sabel and accounts of the Journal by the Editor-in-Chief Vibeke Bælum. The number of NOF members is 364 in 2017 (IADR students 107,IADR  retired members 55, IADR members 99, AADR members 2, AADR students 0, AADR retired members 1) . Membership dues (IADR members 70 USD, student members 15 USD) will stay the same for 2019. Incomes of NOF are dependent on membership fees and the surplus of the journal. There were relatively high expenses in 2017, which were due to number of invited speakers to the centennial symposium in Vienna. These costs affected the final outcome.  Budget is accepted.

The finances of the journal are satisfactory. In addition, Editor-in-Chief presented the number of submissions, regional distribution of manuscript submissions, and number of published manuscripts according to the countries of origin. Journal’s budget is accepted


  1. Budget for the coming year

NOF treasurer Nina Sabel read her report for the coming year.


  1. Time and Place of future Annual Meetings

– 6/19/2019 – 6/22/2019, 97th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, 48th Annual Meeting of the AADR, 43rd Annual Meeting of the CADR, Vancouver, BC, Canada

– 9/19/2019 – 9/21/2019, CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, Madrid, Spain


Ilze Akota and Ulvi K. Gürsoy will represent NOF in organizing committee of 2019 CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress.

NOF board agreed to bring two symposium proposals to Madrid meeting. Proposals will be sent to CED during September-October 2018.


  1. Elections

Eija Könönen’s, Peter Holbrook’s, and Ilze Akota’s period at the NOF board ends at the end of 2018.

Eija Könönen informed GA that she is ready to step down from her position from the board at the end of the year 2018 and suggested Prof. Timo Närhi to take over her position as the board member of Finland. However she also informed GA that Prof. Närhi will not be available at least for a year due to his role as the president of Finnish Dental Society Apollonia. Board suggested that if GA agrees, she is ready to continue until Prof. Närhi is ready to start.

Peter Holbrook informed GA that he actively looked for a candidate for his position in NOF board, but this search ended with no outcome yet. Board suggetsed that Peter Holbrook will find a replacement in 2018  and  to  take  over from  the  beginning  of  2019.

Board suggested that Ilze Akota’s position at the board needs to continue till the end of 2019, as her presidency will continue until then as well.

GA accepted board’s proposals and agreed that Eija Könönen and Ilze Akota will continue in the board for one year additional year and Peter Holbrook will find a succesor for 2019.


  1. Any Other Business

A get-together session for the NOF members was porposed for the 2019 IADR Vancouver meeting. Board took the suggestion positively.


General assembly was closed at 13.00.



Ulvi Gürsoy was taking the minutes





Ted Lundgren                                                                 Rachael Sugars

Teller                                                                              Teller