Each year, NOF offers travel grants to young researchers attending the regional (NOF, CED, PER) IADR congress.

The Scandinavian Association for Dental Research (a division of IADR, also known as Nordisk Odontologisk Förening, NOF) each year offers travel grants to young researchers attending the regional IADR congress where NOF is participating. Applicants for the NOF travel stipend must submit an abstract for presentation at the meeting.
The travel stipend is currently worth 5000 SEK. Selection of stipend recipients will be based on a competition judged by a scientific committee for the best abstracts.
The travel stipend can be attributed to:
1) undergraduate students
2) post-graduate students under Masters, PhD, or speciality training
3) post-doctoral researchers (within 3 years of their PhD defence date at the time of grant application)
Applicants must be citizens of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway or Sweden – or citizens of another nationality in case their research has been performed in one of the mentioned countries.
Candidates MUST be a member of NOF.
Application process:
1) Submit your abstract for the IADR meeting via the congress online abstract submission system
2) At the online submission system, choose “NOF Travel Stipend”
3) After the abstract evaluation process, all travel stipend applicants will receive an email from NOF, where they will be asked to send the following documents to NOF:
– A cover letter, where the applicant states that he/she is applying for the NOF travel stipend, is a member of NOF, and is accepting the grant rules,
– The abstract acceptance letter sent by IADR,
– A letter of confirmation by the main supervisor, explaining where the research (or major part of it) is performed and indicating the position of the applicant at his/her university
If an abstract/presentation is withdrawn, the stipend will NOT be disbursed.
For more information, please contact the secretary of NOF, Ulvi Gürsoy (



Winners of the 2022 NOF Travel grants:

Goda Bilvinaite (Lithuania), Topias Yli-Urpo (Finland), Indre Stankeviciene (Lithuania), Cajsa Fabricius (Sweden), Achal Dhariwal (Norway), Siddharth Shanbhag (Norway), Benjamin Hamulic (Denmark), Merve Uctasli (Finland), Radvile Raubaite (Lithuania), Omar Ismail (Finland), Akvile Rakauskaite (Lithuania), Sini Riivari (Finland), Shuntaro Yamada (Norway), Julie Frigaard (Norway), Daniel Kules (Lithuania), Miks Lejnieks (Latvia), Jasmina Bijelic-Donova (Finland), Adam Alvenfors (Sweden)



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