Who can be a NOF member?

Scandinavian Division of International Association for Dental Research IADR (NOF), the oldest division of IADR, is founded by eight countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden.

Any individual, who is interested in dental research and education and who is living, working or has been educated in one of the above NOF countries, can be accepted as a NOF member.

Why becoming a NOF member?

  • Introduce yourself to the dental scientific community
  • Build a strong network with other scientists, colleagues, and peers
  • Present your work and results to a wider audience
  • Get financial support and discounted fees to attend annual IADR and NOF congresses
  • Have chance to win grants, fellowships, and prestigious awards both from the IADR and from the NOF
  • Have access to Journal of Dental Research (online) and European Journal of Oral Sciences (online)
  • Get 50% NOF support to publish your manuscript in European Journal of Oral Sciences as open-access

How to become a NOF member?

To become a NOF member, you need to be an IADR member first. Please fill in the membership form at the IADR webpage ( and please choose “Scandinavian Division” (NOF) as your primary division.

Membership fees for 2022:

IADR student member: 55 USD

IADR active member: 185 USD

in addition to IADR membership, please mark Scandinavian Division as your primary division

NOF student member: 15 USD

NOF active member: 70 USD