Date:  Thursday, September 19, 2019. Time: 12:30 – 13:30.

Location: Room Galeria (Lower floor), Meliá Castilla

Attendees: List of attendees is given seperately


General assembly is opened at 12:30 by NOF president Ilze Akota.


  1. Election of Chairperson, Secretary and Tellers

President Ilze Akota opened the meeting and welcomed everybody. Ilze Akota was elected to chair the assembly and Ulvi Gürsoy to take the minutes. Mare  Saag  and Larisa Krekmanova  were voted as tellers.

  1. Approval of the General Assembly being duly notified and of the agenda

Agenda was sent to NOF members a month before the General Assembly. Agenda was accepted.


  1. Annual report of the Board of the Association

Ilze Akota presented the President’s report. NOF’s President Ilze Akota and Secretary General Ulvi K. Gursoy attended the 2019 CED-IADR/NOF organization committee meeting, held in January 18-19, 2019 in Bruges, Belgium. Proposals for all symposia for the program at the 2019 CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress in Madrid were discussed. There were two proposals from NOF to organize symposia for the program entitled as follows:

  • “Are we prepared and capable to meet the oral health needs among the older people?”/ supported by Unilever Denmark, Chair professor Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen (Denmark), Co-chair professor Janicke Liaaen Jensen (Norway);
  • “Dental erosion – the new toothache”/ supported by NIOM and NOF, Chair professor Jon E. Dahl (Norway), Co-chair professor Peter Holbrook (Iceland).

Both proposals were accepted and included in the congress programme.

As for several years, Gunhild Strand took care of the arrangements for the NOF Hatton Award competition (September 18, 2019). The number of persons registered for travel stipends exclusively were 15, for both – travel stipends and Hatton Award Competition – 33, for Hatton Award competition exclusively – 2 persons.

Presidents report was approved by GA.

A comment raised by the GA was related to the young member recruitment. It was asked if there is a strategy to increase the number of young members. Ilze Akota informed the GA that to increase the number of young members, board decided to organize a research meeting in 2021. This meeting will target post-doctoral researchers. One attendee per NOF-region university will be invited and their costs will be covered. A proposal will come from Vibeke on February 2020 to organize the first meeting in Denmark. The proposal is approved by GA.

A second comment raised by GA was related to the credits that students may get from IADR meetings. Secretary General Ulvi Gursoy informed the GA that the possibilities will be evaluated.

A third comment raised by GA was the related to the collection of feedbacks after IADR meetings. Board took the suggestion positively and agreed to look for a system that member feedbacks can be collected.


  1. Report of the Councillors

President Ilze Akota read the report of the councillors. Councillors’ report was apporoved by GA.


  1. Accounts of the Journal

Accounts of the Journal was presented by the Editor-in-Chief Vibeke Bælum. The finances of the journal is satisfactory. Vibeke informed the GA that the decreased profit for 2018 mainly due to less income from subscriptions, and from greater production costs and greater editorial office costs.

President Ilze Akota informed the GA that the board propose a 50% of the open access fee for EJOS can be substituted by NOF in case the first name and the corresponding author of the manuscript is a NOF member at the time of the manuscript’s acceptance. Chief Editor of the journal, Vibeke Bælum will bring this proposal to the publisher Wiley.

GA approved the journal’s accounts and the board’s proposal.


  1. Accounts of NOF

Treasurer Nina Sabel informed the GA that the number of members are declining. Net profit for the year 2018 and the estimated budget for the 2020 is read. The report was agreed by the board.

Audit reports were read by Nina. Board proposed that there will be no change in the membership dues for the year 2020. GA approved the proposal and the accounts.


  1. Time and Place of future Annual Meetings


3/18/2020 – 3/21/2020, 98th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, 49th Annual Meeting of the AADR, 44th Annual Meeting of the CADR, Washington, D.C., USA

9/10/2020 – 9/12/2020, IADR Pan European Regional Congress 2020, Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France



6/23/1- 6/26/2020, 99th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, Chengdu, China

9/16-18/2021, CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, Brussels, Belgium



23/3/2022 – 26/3/2022, 100th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, 51sth Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the AADR, 46th Annual Meeting of the CADR, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


  1. Elections

Vytaute Peciuliene’s (Lithuania), Mare Saag’s (Estonia), Gunhild Strand’s (Norway), Ilze Akota’s (Latvia), Peter Lingström’s (Sweden) and Eija Könönen’s (Finland) period at the NOF board ends at the end of 2019. Vytaute Peciuliene proposed Vilma Brukiene as new representative of Lithuania, Mare Saag proposed Ülle Voog Oras new representative of Estonia, and Eija Könönen proposed Timo Närhi as new representative of Finland. Board proposed that Gunhild Strand, Ilze Akota, and Peter Lingström will continue their tasks for an additional period (2020-2024). In addition, board proposed Gunhild Strand as the president of NOF for the years 2020-2021.

GA approved these proposals .


  1. Any Other Business

No other business.




Ulvi Gürsoy was taking the minutes





Mare Saag                                                                                               Larisa Krekmanova

Teller                                                                                                         Teller