2021 NOF General Assembly Minutes



Date:  October 25, 2021 Time: 19.00-20.00 (CET time)

Location: Zoom-meeting,web-adress: https://utu.zoom.us/j/68844442736

Attendees: List of attendees is given seperately


General assembly (GA) was opened at 19.00 (CET) by secretary general Ulvi Gürsoy.

  1. Election of Chairperson, Secretary and Tellers

Gunhild Strand was elected to chair the assembly and Ulvi Gürsoy to take the minutes. Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen and Nina Sabel were voted as tellers.

  1. Approval of the General Assembly being duly notified and of the agenda

Agenda was sent to NOF members one and half months before (September 16, 2020) the General Assembly. Agenda was accepted.

  1. Annual report of the Board of the Association

Gunhild Strand presented the Board’s report. Members were informed with 1) the news from 2021 Brussels meeting, including the NOF-arranged symposia and the NOF’ registration fee reimbursement support to its student members, 2) the ongoing plans of the 2022 PER – IADR conference, which will take place in Marseilles, France, 3) 2021 NOF Hatton award competition, and 4) NYSCO conference arrangements and NOF’s contribution. Report was approved bythe GA.

  1. Report of the Councillors

Ulvi Gürsoy presented the Councillors’ report. Members were informed that 1) the IADR councillors’ meeting was organised virtually on July 19, 2021, 2) four NOF members received prestigous IADR awards in 2021, and 3) the Council was informed that “The IADR Board of Directors voted at their May 2021 meeting to create a Task Force to examine the current Scientific Group/Network structure and if the current mechanisms for creating new Scientific Groups/Networks is the best mechanism. Report was approved by the GA.

  1. Accounts
  2. a) Accounts of the Journal

Accounts of the Journal is presented by the Editor-in-Chief Vibeke Bælum. Accounts of the journal were approved by the GA.

  1. b) Accounts of the Association

Accounts of the Association was presented by Nina Sabel. Accounts of the association were approved by the GA.

  1. Budget for the coming year

Board proposed that there will be no change in the membership dues for the year 2021. Budget proposal for 2022 was approved by the GA.

  1. Time and Place of future Annual Meetings


June 22-25, 2022, 100th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, 5th Meeting of the IADR Asia Pasific Region, Chengdu, China (HYBRID)


September 15-17, 2022, PER-IADR Oral Health Research Congress, Marseille, France (www.per-iadr2022).



June 21-24, 2023, 101th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, XII Meeting of the Latin American Region, Bogotá, Colombia


September 21-23, 2023, CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, Rhodes, Greece



March 13-16, 2024, IADR General Session, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

September 18-21, 2023, CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, Geneva, Switzerland (NOT YET CONFIRMED)



June 25-28, 2025, IADR General Session, Barcelona, Spain


  1. Elections

Gunhild Strand’s (Norway) period at the NOF presidency ends at the end of 2021. NOF  Board followed its traditions and proposed the next country’s representative, Vilma Brukiene (Lithuania), as president of NOF for the years 2022-2023. GA approved Boards proposal and Vilma Brukiene was elected as the president of NOF for the period 2022-2023.

  1. Hatton Award

Gunhild Strand presented the NOF Hatton Award announcement and application procedures for the year 2021 to the GA. She informed that there were 11 participants competing in the online award competition. Three judges served in evaluation.  After scientific evaluation by the board-assigned review commitea, Mirjam Majster from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Navdeep Kaur Brar from University of Oslo, Norway were selected as the winners of the 2020 NOF Hatton award. These two winners will represent NOF in the the IADR Hatton award competition, which will be held in conjunction with the 2022 IADR/APR General Session & Exhibition from June 22-25, 2022 in Chengdu, China.

  1. Any Other Business

Anne Marie informed the GA that 1) a PER meeting in Glasgow was proposed for the year 2029, 2) the proposed 2027 PER IADR meeting in Riga has not been discussed by IADR as meetings are discussed 4-years in advance, and 3) Gottfried Schmalz is seeking for the IADR vice-presidency.

Ulvi informed the GA that an important concern during 2020 was the significant decrease in the number of IADR members all over the world. In order to recruit new members, NOF board organized site-visits by its Secretary general to dental faculties in Baltic countries and Iceland. Secretary-General paid on-line site visits to Lithuania (April 1), Estonia (April 7), and Latvia (April 12). All visits are organized by board members of these three countries.


Ulvi Gursoy was taking the minutes.



Nina Sabel (Teller)                                                        Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen (Teller)



Gunhild Strand (President)