2020 PER-IADR Congress – Change in call for abstracts

Important notice:

-PER-IADR will express its solidarity with the colleagues that could not present at IADR

Washington, by allowing to present their research at the 2020 PERIADR Congress in Marseille.

PER-IADR will exceptionally accept previously published (in print or any electronic format) but

not presented abstracts for the 2020 PERIADR congress in Marseille.

-PER-IADR will extend the abstract submission deadline from April 23, 2020 to May 15, 2020 to

allow researchers to complete their research project intended to be presented at the PER-IADR

meeting, which may now have been suspended. Note that no additional extensions will be


-We additionally consider adapting the meeting-cancellation policy to limit the financial risk for

registered meeting attendants. Once agreement has been reached with our meeting-organisation

partners, the potentially modified meeting-cancellation policy will be posted on the PER-IADR

meeting website as well as announced in our future newsletter.

Please read more at: 2020 PER-IADR congress in Marseille – Coronavirus update


Please find detailed information at congress webpage